In a time where the awareness of our societal impact on the environment and climate gives an increasingly clear insight into the necessity of active environmental work, we at Ytterjärna Hotell take a stand for a cleaner operation and a cleaner environment.

The place Ytterjärna has for a long time been a leader in the country in terms of insights into ecosystems and sustainability. We work actively to incorporate this thinking into Ytterjärna Hotell’s everyday life and thus reduce or completely eliminate the environmental impact that results from the operation.

We aspire to be a completely ecological hotel where awareness of the environment permeates all stages of the business; from post-it notes and the washing of our bed linnen, to large conferences and private parties. We have reached a good point on the way – 100% of the electricity and heat used comes from renewable sources – and the food is 100% biodynamic and ecological sourced and produced from the surrounding farms with absolute minimal energy waste – but there are still some things to improve. Therefore, we have an appointed environmental management group that consistently works with the business’s environmental goals and it’s fulfillment. The environmental goals are set according to realistic and desired goals and are then revised when the goal is achieved. The environmental group consists of representatives from the various departments of the business, as well as an environmental manager. The environmental management group also continuously documents all environmental work at the site and the results of the various measures.

In order to achieve our goals of an environmentally friendly hotel, it is essential that our guests strive with us towards these goals, it is therefore important to inform our guests and visitors about our environmental work and how they can help us achieve these. You can read more about what you can do to help, further down this page.

How we do it

– Among other things, we have removed all disposable items in the hotel rooms and only use Nordic Swan-labelled products. For example are our conference pens made from recycled Tetra Pak and are in turn recyclable again. Even our paper and napkins are ecologically labeled, and made to be recycled, as are all the cleaning products we use in the hotel as well as the Culture house. 

– In several of our public spaces, we have installed lights controlled by motion detectors, which ensure that we save as much energy as possible, and leave no lights on when there is no one there. In the hotel rooms the lights as well as the floor heating in the bathrooms are connected to our hotel key cards and can only be lit when the key card is put in its place, allowing us to yet again save energy when there are no guests in the room.

– In addition to that, we use solar cells that contribute to a lot of the hotel’s energy during the lighter months apart from pellets. 

– We sort at the source and no rubbish goes to waste. In our common areas there are bins with different sorting compartments that makes it easier for our guests to help out, but our environmental group is constantly working on sorting rubbish and making sure nothing is missorted.

– We make sure to save some extra energy by turing down the heat (especially during winter) in rooms that are not occupied.

– When we find clothing and other accessories that’s been left behind in one of our hotel rooms, we save them in storage up to 6 months, then we donate these things to charity.

– We have our own compost to make sure nothing goes to waste and reuse the compost for growing vegetables and flowers in our beautiful garden park.

– We only serve ecological coffee – even for our employees

– Our bank is also environmentally certified as we want to be able to say that we work environmentally friendly throughout the whole chain of command, and we can with that proudly say that we do!

What can you do?

– Please leave recyclable litter such as plastic, glass and paper packaging next to the waste bin in your room when leaving. This way it’s easier for us to so sort it for recycling.

– When in our common rooms, please help out by sorting the waste accordingly to our waste bins.

– Help us save water and energy by: taking shorter showers, turn off the lights (easy if you take your hotel room key with you when you leave the room), shut down electronics when they’re not being used and unplug adapters.

– Travel to our hotel by environmentally friendly means of transportation such as train/bus, bicycle or by foot.

– Use your towels an extra day to help save water. To re-use your towels please hang them up. If you wish to replace them, leave them on the bathroom floor.

– If you don’t necessarily need the room to be super hot/cold please leave the termostat the way it is when arriving, which is set to a temperature of approx. 20 degrees celsius. That way we don’t have to use any extra energy to quickly heat up/cool down the room to get it back to our standard temperature before the next guest arrives.

– Please do not leave your litter outdoors. And help us by picking up any litter that you find and throwing it in one of our bins spread out across the area.


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